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As the cost of energy continues to soar and penalties for missed Kyoto targets loom, the acute necessity of improving energy efficiency cannot be ignored. The first step toward conserving energy is knowing precisely how, when and where it is being consumed. Being able to measure energy consumption is therefore essential to developing an efficient solution. The APROL EnMon system from B&R provides continuous energy monitoring, either as a standalone unit or integrated directly in a process control system.

Around the world, there is increasing political pressure to manufacture energy-efficient products with environmentally friendly production methods. Heightened sensitivity to this topic can be felt across all markets. Publication of the EN/ISO 50001 standard for energy management systems in June 2011 certainly played a role in this.

One decisive factor in the overall efficiency of a machine, production line or system is the drive and control technology that runs it. B&R solutions ensure optimum dimensioning of motors and drive components while offering energy-saving features such as cold plate mounting in the control cabinet, DC bus coupling and active regeneration of braking energy.

Autonomous energy monitoring

B&R's all-new energy monitoring solution is APROL EnMon. It helps users implement ISO 50001, and by improving energy efficiency it helps them lower costs and become more competitive. By identifying how energy and production costs interact, consumption can be taken into account for cost calculation and pricing or billed directly according to the "user pays" principle.

EnMon helps identify potential savings and provides justification for cost-cutting projects to achieve maximum cost efficiency for any type of energy. In addition, monitoring the power supply reduces downtime and helps prevent unplanned outages.

B&R's solution for energy efficiency supports a process of continuous improvement, either as a standalone unit or integrated directly in an existing APROL process control system. All relevant energy consumption data is measured, recorded and evaluated. Energy reports and graphs can be generated for individual machines, systems, subsystems or entire organizations.

Reports can be sorted according to production batch or cost unit – whichever way is most convenient. Based on the APROL process control system, the APROL EnMon platform provides maximum flexibility and scalability in order to adapt to the requirements of systems with varying numbers of measurement points with minimum engineering effort.

Ready-to-use solution

APROL EnMon comes preinstalled on B&R's Automation PC 910, the perfect industrial PC for control cabinet installations. Commissioning and parameterization are especially fast since the software and hardware configuration are already included. All that's left to do is configure the network settings and enter the sensors and their assigned software templates in a table. The application software is then generated and loaded automatically.

In addition to EnMon's operator software and development environment, a central component is its powerful database with SQL interface. This database runs on the extremely stable SUSE Linux Enterprise Server operating system and records the history of all required energy data.

Data access takes place with no additional software required using a web browser from workstations at any location. For this reason, the system is usually installed in a control cabinet without a monitor. The number of EnMon controllers required by a particular application depends on the number and type of measurement points and the type of data processing performed. Each controller typically receives and processes energy data from several hundred measurement points. Additional controllers can easily be added as needed. Data enters the monitoring system via common industrial interfaces such as POWERLINK, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS or Ethernet/IP.

APROL EnMon #1
As a preconfigured turnkey solution, EnMon is simple to install. Browser-based modules give personnel at any desktop PC convenient access to all views and functions.

Full integration of all energy sources

Monitoring with APROL EnMon is not limited to electrical energy. All types of energy are supported, and the generically designed system allows users to define and name them freely. This enables monitoring of not only electrical energy, but also of oil, gas, steam or district heating, as well as media that are often overlooked when it comes to energy, such as pressurized air and water.

Users of APROL EnMon can select from a range of extremely compact I/O modules in the B&R X20 series to measure and record energy consumption. X20IF interface modules provide Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP and EtherNet/IP connections to read meter values from measurement points across existing networks.

Voltage, current, frequency and reactive energy on all phases can be measured by the X20AP module for measuring electrical power. The X20AP measures up to the 31st harmonic, which allows it to also detect unwanted harmonics on local electrical grids. These result when inverters are used excessively in order to save energy.

Whereas the X20AI module for analog signals is used to measure flow, the X20DC counter module measures digital pulse signals. The X20CS interface module with an integrated M-Bus master accommodates 250 gas, water, current, thermal or pulse counters with M-Bus connections. In principle, however, any I/O module from the entire X20 series can be used.

Informative reports

During commissioning, service and maintenance, the EnMon Dashboard offers energy managers and their teams both a web-based reporting environment and a powerful environment for system diagnostics and operation. APROL EnMon provides two custom interfaces tailored specifically to specific roles and tasks.

The system follows the hierarchy of main distributor / sub-distributor / consumer by allowing each measurement point to be assigned as an area, sub-area or consumer. Countless preconfigured billing and analysis reports, as well as trend analysis features, can be viewed in various formats, including table reports, bar or pie charts or in the form of various trend graphs.

For handling APROL EnMon data, the system has an SQL interface for connecting with business intelligence networks. An Iosys interface provides read/write access to process variables without expensive interface connections between enterprise resource planning and energy monitoring systems.

Convenient measurement and control

APROL EnMon offers numerous modules that precisely calculate energy consumption data.

- One is the FlowCalculation module for calculating flow through pipes of various shapes (gates, nozzles, etc.) at very high precision.

- Another is the PowerCalculation module for calculating the thermal power/energy contained in water and steam.

We've already mentioned the many types of reports that APROL EnMon can generate, but this solution can do much more than that. One very effective feature is load management, which helps mitigate peak loads and prevent unplanned outages due to sudden overloads.

Configurable software control modules make it possible to manually connect and disconnect loads as well as assign them priorities and defined timing behavior. Loads are connected/disconnected via X20DO digital output modules or X20IF interface modules.

APROL EnMon factors in daytime and seasonal rates and supports the free definition of holidays. This allows operators to shift the timing of heavy loads to take advantage of lower rates, resulting in considerable cost savings.

Scalable and easily integrated, APROL EnMon is a powerful turnkey solution for optimizing energy consumption. In the face of rising energy prices, it is still possible to reduce unit costs while conserving valuable resources. B&R's solution can be implemented just as easily and effectively on the smallest standalone machine or in the most expansive processing plant. Peripheral consumers such as auxiliary buildings and equipment can play a significant role in energy efficiency. APROL EnMon allows them to be integrated into a single, comprehensive energy management solution.

APROL EnMon #2 dashboard
A wide array of billing and analysis reports provides a quick and comprehensive overview of energy costs.

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