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Fully automatic from web stock to world class printed product


"B&R has a full range of scalable products. Drives, controllers, HMI – it's all a perfect fit. And having everything integrated in Automation Studio makes it even better. We subscribe to the philosophy of solving automation tasks with standard products wherever possible, and with B&R we can do just that."

Peter Brunner, Head of Corporate Automation in the Corporate Developments & Standards department

Müller Martini, a Swiss manufacturer of printing and finishing equipment, has relied on automation solutions from B&R for more than 15 years. Even though requirements on the printing market are increasing, one thing hasn't changed: a demand for the highest standards of quality. The modular design of SigmaLine and synchronous connection of all components via POWERLINK perfectly optimizes the functionality of all processes.

The increasing variety of print media shows that the Internet has not displaced printed means of communication. However, print runs are now smaller and more diverse. For production, systems are now needed that can efficiently create various products in smaller quantities. Handling different sizes or designs should not create disruptions in production.

The completely modular SigmaLine production line can be assembled, expanded and modified to meet all productions needs because of its building block design. This flexibility is made possible by B&R's perfectly matched and standardized automation concept with reliable and flexible standard products that can be put to use in many different areas. POWERLINK is used here for synchronous interconnection of the components, and a B&R industrial PC controls the system. Internal control and operation of the SigmaCollator runs on a Power Panel, and intelligent ACOPOS servo drives are used for motion control. Many of the I/O tasks are handled by B&R X20 System modules.

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