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Vision inspection


A trend shared by all types of packaging lines is the rapid proliferation of vision systems. This is motivated on the one hand by attempts to combat counterfeiting and on the other by the extreme importance of quality control when working with food and pharmaceuticals.

PC-based and smart camera vision systems each have their advantages. Both types are seeing increased usage not just for final inspection, but at multiple points throughout the packaging process. Earlier detection of contamination and deviations dramatically improves the quality of the delivered products.

B&R has the perfect solution for...

Integrated vision inspection for product safety and OEE

The In-Sight 7000 vision system from Cognex is perfectly integrated in the B&R automation architecture via POWERLINK. The Cognex-Connect™ communication suite makes it easy to develop even the most demanding vision applications and integrate them into the B&R automation solution. Fast, deterministic control is directly integrated in the B&R logic and motion profiles.

Powerful image processing with the Automation PC 910

Equipped with the best technology on the market, including the latest generation of Intel® Core™ i-series processors, the Automation PC 910 is the perfect choice for your most ambitious applications. USB 3.0 ports provide a perfect connection for integrating vision systems. Its modular design allows the Automation PC 910 to be customized perfectly to the demands of any application.

Additional advantages
  • Simple integration of IP67 door locks
  • Stainless steel HMI panels with hygienic design
  • RFID access control for machine operation
  • OMAC PackML conformity
  • SDM: Web-based diagnostics with an unprecedented level of detail
  • The ultimate solution for maintenance tasks
    • On-site or remote access
    • No training required
    • No programming tools
    • Low costs
  • Efficient design
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