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Torino, Italy

For the new branch in Turin, We are looking for an application engineer for support tasks and the development of real-time applications in C and the high-level languages standardized for controllers in accordance with IEC 61131-3 (Ladder Diagram, Instruction List and Structured Text).

Applicants should have extensive knowledge in technology from previous work experience or education. This position also requires knowledge of information technology, electronics, mechanics, mathematics and control technology. Frequent traveling is an integral part of the job. Strong command of the English language is required. Knowledge of German is an advantage.

Applicants should be able to work well in teams and work closely with customers and colleagues. We are looking for someone with an open-mind, outgoing personality and a good combination of creative and analytical capabilities.

The position is located in Turin.

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An intensive training phase is provided at the beginning of your assignment to ensure that you are properly prepared for this position. We offer performance-based pay and varied advancement possibilities at our dynamically expanding private company.

Please choose country and language

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