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The functional scope of machines which are equipped with integrated automation includes control systems, decentralized I/Os, drive technology, safety technology and visualization. These components are networked using a field bus such as POWERLINK. The comprehensive range of options provided by Automation Studio are used for programming, configuring and diagnosing of the machine. Gaining an overview of the control system, making configuration changes and recording process variables are all typical tasks carried out when commissioning, maintaining and servicing a machine.

Objectives and content

  • Automation Studio installation and licensing
  • Opening and creating projects
  • Automation Studio work area and help system
  • Configuring the online connection
  • Reading system information
  • Configuration and runtime behavior
  • Compiling and downloading
  • Monitoring and analyzing process values
  • Recording information about the drive technology
  • Using the trace function in NC Test
  • Establishing a connection to SafeLOGIC / SafeLOGIC-X
  • Diagnostics tool in SafeDESIGNER


Model number

TM923 – Diagnostics and Service with Automation Studio



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