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APROL Process Control Training: Basic 2 [SEM842.5]

The APROL process control system features key advanced functions such as communication between controllers, creating and using user libraries and managing parameters and recipes. Backup, system installation, setup and recovery are additional topics. The APROL solutions are also explained in more detail.

Objectives and content

  • Creating, operating and expanding parameter sets and recipes
  • Implementing a controller from start to finish
  • Configuring controller-to-controller communication
  • Configuring and using the event driver and the PDA coupling
  • Creating customer-specific library function blocks
  • Examples of how existing block types are used
  • Developing and implementing custom blocks
  • Backup, system installation, setup and recovery
  • Creating templates for APROL Solutions (configurator)
  • Creating Sequential Function Chart (SFC) in APROL
  • Working with the SFC-Viewer for facility services
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