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SOT410.1A – Remote Training: Single-Axis Motion Integration

    • Model number:
    • SOT410.1A

    • Description:
    • Introduction

      B&R USA has finished pilot evaluation and has rolled out an online training option. The seminars utilize the ARSim functionality to allow customers to learn with and practice the same exercises covered by the in-person seminars and are split into two weeks of half day sessions. To ensure the same level of one-on-one interaction, the trainings are delivered via GoToTraining to allow the instructor to present as well as debug any software or coding issues a trainee might encounter.

      • You’ll be able to configure servo hardware and initialize motion parameters.
      • You’ll be able to diagnose axis errors and auto-tune the axis using the motion test environment built into Automation Studio.
      • You’ll be able to set up drive and motor simulation.
      • You’ll be able to use the latest motion library provided in Automation Studio to quickly start axis movement.
      • You’ll be able to understand the motion control concept by following a state diagram.


      • Same quality content as all Automation Academy trainings
      • Eliminated travel costs – Airfare, hotels, car rentals, meals
      • Increased availability – Removing hardware shipments reduces lead time
      • Reduced down time – Trainees are available for regular work before/after half-day sessions

      Participation Requirements

      • Must allow remote control and public display of computer using GoToTraining
      • User must have full administer control of computer and Automation Studio installed
      • Each user must allow for a 1-on-1 “preparation” session the week before class
      • Must have duel monitors. One for Automation Studio, one for presentation
      • Each participant commit to full attendance for each training day


      • Same limitations as in-person trainings through Automation Academy
        • 8 individual participants per class
        • Not for Automation Studio “teaser” sessions, abridged seminars, etc. 4
      • No videos offered for offline use – Must participate in real time
      • Subject to Automation Academy trainer availability
    • Prerequisites:
    • SEM210.4A – Automation Studio Training: Accelerated Basics in Control and Visualization
      • You’ll be able to use the programming tool Automation Studio and its help system.
      • You’ll be able to configure hardware functions and set up CPU simulation.
      • You’ll be able to configure the target’s network options and use Target Browser to find the target.
      • You’ll be able to create, compile, and transfer project to target. Ladder Diagram will be the language of choice for the basic courses, but the instructor can provide guidance for using Structured Text or ANSI C.
      • You’ll be able to manage variable declaration and data retention.
      • You’ll be able to use standard functions (e.g. compare and compute) and function blocks (e.g. timers and counters) in Ladder Diagram.
      • You’ll be able to store project source files on the target.
      • You’ll be able to utilize common Automation Runtime features, such as cycle time adjustment.
      • You’ll be able to use System Diagnostics Manager, Runtime Utility Center, and Automation Studio to troubleshoot hardware issues and diagnose software bugs.
      • You’ll be able to integrate template-based basic visualization into a control project.
      • You’ll be able to display visualization on a VNC client.
      • You’ll be able to display webpages, such as user’s manual in HTML format, in visualization.
      • You’ll be able to change the display language on the HMI and systematically update the translation.
      • You’ll be able to control the visibility of an HMI page's layer in runtime.
      • You’ll be able to program and activate touch screen calibration.
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