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SEM920 – Training: Diagnostics and service with Automation Studio

    • Model number:
    • SEM920.3

    • Description:
    • Once a machine has been delivered, this is the responsibility of the manufacturer or the end user. Various factors can cause errors and machine downtime. The diagnostics options1, the B&R website and the user's manuals provide valuable information. Automation Studio provides a range of integrated diagnostics tools as well as an extensive help system. This allows rapid diagnosis of the control system, from the drive technology right through to the integrated safety technology.

      Objectives and content

      • See Training: Diagnostics and service for machines [SEM920.2].
      • Automation Studio work area and help system
      • Open/create a project and online connection
      • Record system information2
      • Configuration and runtime behavior
      • Monitor and analyze process values3
      • Diagnostics tools for drive technology4
      • Diagnostics tools in SafeDESIGNER5
      1 Status LEDs, the System Diagnostics Manager and the Runtime Utility Center are used for diagnostics in the control environment.
      2 The System Diagnostics Manager, the status bar, the online hardware and software comparison, and the Automation Studio logger are used to record system information.
      3 The variable monitor and the Automation Studio trace function are used to monitor and analyze process values. If a detailed overview of the system configuration and control system programming is required, the following is highly recommended: Automation Studio Training: Basics [SEM210.2]
      4 In this seminar, axis errors and traces will be shown. For a detailed introduction and commissioning of B&R technology, the following seminar is recommended: Automation Studio Training: Integrated Motion Control [SEM410.3]
      5 It has to be synchronized with the training contractor. This seminar will cover the process of connecting to SafeLOGIC / SafeLOGIC-X as well as the diagnostics tools in SafeDESIGNER. For a detailed introduction and commissioning of the integrated safety technology from B&R, the following seminar is recommended: Automation Studio Training: Integrated Safety Technology [SEM510.2]
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