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SEM920 – Training: Diagnostics and service for machines

    • Model number:
    • SEM920.2

    • Description:
    • Once a machine has been delivered, it must be maintained by the machine manufacturer or end user. Various factors can cause errors and machine downtime. The diagnostics options1 in the control environment or on the B&R control system can quickly provide an overview. The B&R website and the user's manuals provide valuable information.

      Objectives and content

      • B&R system overview and topologies
      • Typical sources of errors on machines
      • Serial numbers and model numbers
      • Maintenance guidelines for B&R systems
      • Arranging replacement parts and serving as contact person
      • System Diagnostics Manager
      • Saving system dump and logger

      • Runtime Utility Center
      • Backing up and restoring CompactFlash

        Online connection & command lists

      • Module replacement and documentation
      • B&R website functionality
      • Exercise examples and their application
      1 LED status indicators, the System Diagnostics Manager and the Runtime Utility Center are used for diagnostics in the control environment. Automation Studio is not covered in this seminar. If diagnostics using Automation Studio is required, it is recommended that a longer version of this training be requested: "SEM920.3 - Training: Diagnostics and service with Automation Studio”
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