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WS5: Mechatronics Expert


Steadily increasing pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously gaining an edge on global competition is an inescapable reality for nearly every company. Manufacturers are urgently looking for ways to get more technology into their machinery, more productivity out – and more value into their customers' pockets. B&R offers the expert support its customers need to develop innovative solutions to complex mechatronic challenges.

Over the years, B&R's mechatronics experts have built up a sizable collection of sample applications and libraries covering a wide range of requirements. These include MATLAB/Simulink blocks for modeling complex processes, specialty CNC and robotics functions, hydraulic and servo-hydraulic libraries, high-speed registration mark detection including reel control, convenient autotuning algorithms and even solutions tailored to specific industries such as wind power and plastics.

The Mechatronics Expert workshop offers participants an overview of B&R's hard-earned expertise on the subject, including a selection of live demonstrations. Of course, ample time will also be reserved for questions and discussions.


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