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100% integrated CNC, robotics and motion control

The tasks in the development of new machine concepts are far beyond a simple series of individual processes.

B&R's holistic approach to Generic Motion Control combines single-axis positioning, gear, cam profile, CNC and robotic functions. Rounded off by network-based security technology with fast response times, this makes entirely new machine concepts possible.

Expert Statement: Tomas Prchal, Technology Manager CNC and Robotics, B&R

Tomas Prchal 2


GMC is the key when a machine- or systems manufacturer wants to implement his specific technological know-how. Examples are generally found in plants for sheet metal work, as well as wire and tube bending machines. Since the machines are modular designed, control technology plays a crucial role. Both centralized and decentralized motion architectures have to be supported. Therefore real-time communication via POWERLINK is very important.


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