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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

These days, everybody is talking about Industry 4.0. Let them talk. At B&R, we are busy concentrating on putting Industry 4.0 into practice today, as can be seen by the tools and solutions presented in this automationLETTER.

Happy reading!

Your B&R team

Modulare Panel Plattform

Erasing the boundaries

The days of classic series-produced machines that manufactured the same exact product for 20 years have been over for quite some time now. As we move into the future, production will require ever-increasing levels of machine and system flexibility – flexibility that can be achieved thanks to modular panel components developed by B&R. ... find out more


Open communication for Industry 4.0

B&R continues to advance the integration of OPC UA in the B&R Automation Studio development software. With POWERLINK, openSAFETY and OPC UA, B&R offers its customers the perfect tools to meet the high demands of Industry 4.0. ... find out more

POWERLINK vor Hackern sicher

POWERLINK is hack proof

Industry 4.0 will further boost the need for fast and open industrial networks. At the same time, many producers are reluctant to connect their factory-floor equipment to outside lines, let alone cloud-based services, for fear of hacker or malware attacks that could paralyze productions. This fear is not shared by POWERLINK users. Why? Because POWERLINK is hack proof. ... find out more


Smoother operation for absolute precision

B&R is adding two new helical members to its premium family of gearboxes: the 8GP70 series with a shaft output and the 8GF70 series with a drive flange. These new products series offer excellent synchronization characteristics and a very low noise level at high speeds. ... find out more

Premium Getriebe

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