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Uniform communication standards for Industry 4.0

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How can we achieve seamless machine-to-machine and plant-wide connectivity? The answer: uniform communication standards. EUROMAP recommendations have helped establish the plastics industry as a pioneer in the implementation of standardized interfaces for multi-vendor machinery and equipment. Patrick Bruder and Christoph Trappl from B&R explain how the vendor-independent communication standard is now getting a performance boost for IoT and I4.0 solutions – with OPC UA. Click here for the interview

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OPC UA TSN has proved successful

While the conversation surrounding OPC UA TSN has been largely focused on theoretical considerations, B&R and its partners have now proven in practice that the Time Sensitive Network (TSN) extension meets all the requirements for communication from the sensor layer to the ERP layer. "OPC UA TSN has even exceeded our expectations," says Stefan Schönegger, Marketing Manager at B&R.

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"One system is all you need"

Automation technology for vehicles and outdoor equipment is currently in a state of transition. Faced with unrelenting demands for higher productivity, the agricultural and construction industries are turning to increasingly automated and networked machinery.

We sat down with Stefan Taxer, B&R's product manager for mobile automation, to find out what makes modern concepts such as smart farming so difficult to implement using conventional automation technology.


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Safety for compact stepper motors

The compact ACOPOsmicro Stepper drive is now available with Safe Torque Off (STO). B&R has integrated safe pulse disabling in ACOPOSmicro Stepper drives. Safety ratings up to SIL2 / PLD / CAT 3 can be achieved depending on the wiring. Over time, this safety function will be added to all ACOPOSmicro drives.

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