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More than ever before, machine and system manufacturers are being confronted with demands for increased productivity and availability. When the process is dynamic and positioning is critical, you need a motion control solution with exceptional speed and precision. With its fast 50-microsecond sampling times, B&R's ACOPOS P3 servo drive is the perfect home for advanced control functions like High Precision Motion Control. In this issue of the B&R newsletter you'll discover what this technology has to offer.

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ACOPOSmotor – safety included

You want to implement advanced safety solutions using a minimum amount of space? B&R makes this possible with its compact ACOPOSmotor servo actuator and integrated network-based safety functions. ACOPOSmotor safety functions are certified up to SIL 3 / PL e / Cat 4.

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Unique position even without a battery

B&R's 8LV compact servo motors in sizes 2 and 3 are now available with an optional multi-turn encoder without battery backup. The multi-turn position is retained even if the connection between the drive and motor is interrupted. This option removes the need for a buffer battery in the servo drive.

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More precision: High Precision Motion Control

To keep pace with the market's insatiable appetite for productivity, printing presses are being asked to achieve higher and higher speeds. Unfortunately, as you increase speed, you're faced with a disproportionate increase in vibrations. You want to compensate for these disturbances and achieve greater precision, even when printing at high speeds? High Precision Motion Control makes it possible.

Improved quality and precision thanks to:

  • Vibration compensation
  • 80% more precise position control
  • Lag error compensation

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