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The ACOPOS P3 servo drive is now also available with feed-through heat sink or cold plate cooling. This reduces the use of fans and air conditioners in the control cabinet or, ideally, eliminates them altogether. Operation and maintenance costs are reduced.

System designers can now choose between the following cooling variants for the ACOPOS P3:

Wall mounting

With conventional wall mounting, heat dissipates via the air inside the control cabinet. This solution is optimal for a small number of axes with low power.

Feed-through mounting

With a large number of axes in all power ranges, feed-through mounting is more suitable. An IP65-rated feed-through heat sink dissipates heat directly to the ambient air outside the control cabinet, so there is no need for costly cooling in the cabinet itself.

Cold plate mounting

This method utilizes a water-cooled cold plate. Virtually all heat loss from the devices is transferred to the coolant. This type of cooling is suitable for a large number of axes in all power ranges. It requires the machine to have its own cooling circuit.

  • Highlights
  • No additional maintenance required
  • No additional fans in the control cabinet
  • The right solution for every machine

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