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The smartphone is the poster child for high-performance electronics with ultimate interface usability. Unsurprisingly, operators of industrial machinery and equipment desire nothing less for the interfaces they use every day. With mapp View, B&R now offers direct access to the wide world of web technology right from the engineering environment. Automation engineers have all the tools they need to create powerful and intuitive HMI solutions. There is no need to deal with the underlying technologies.

Modern websites and smartphone operating systems are designed by large teams of usability, design and ergonomics specialists. An OEM doesn't typically have those kinds of resources at their disposal. To bridge the gap, what they need are easy-to-use tools integrated in their familiar programming environment.

  • Highlights
  • All the advantages of web technology
  • Fully integrated in the engineering environment
  • Highly reusable
  • Optimal display on all devices
The right info at the right time

Operators aren't impressed by fancy graphics and multi-touch navigation alone. The HMI needs to directly facilitate the primary goals of industrial production: maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

The key to both of these goals is having the right information at the right time. Important notifications need to reach their intended audience every time, whether that happens on the main operator terminal, a small info screen, a smartphone or tablet. At the same time, the design must be able to prevent human error.

100% web technology

With mapp View, B&R solves these challenges by relying 100% on web standards. These technologies allow content to be displayed optimally on any output device or even customized for specific users or user groups. Conventional approaches require considerable resources and expertise to develop screens for all the different output media.

Working in a familiar environment

Working in a familiar environment

What makes mapp View unique is the way it integrates web technology right into the software development environment. While mapp View is built on HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript, automation programmers never need to deal with these languages. Instead, they can continue to focus on their own areas of expertise. HMI pages are built in the familiar Automation Studio environment. All GUI functionality is encapsulated in modular control elements called widgets, which are simply dragged and dropped into place and configured.

One of the main advantages of web technology is the way it separates content and layout. Even after the content of the HMI application has been finalized, developers can fine-tune the layout and style to optimize usability after initial field testing. Widgets are available in a number of standard themes, or they can be customized with the user's corporate design. Thanks to the use of web technology, content can easily be adapted to different output media – whether it's a widescreen operator panel or a small smartphone screen.

Ideal for modular architectures

It's not just the content and layout that are separate from one another. The machine control and HMI applications are also completely decoupled. The HMI software or individual GUI components can be reused and modified at any time, making mapp View ideal for flexible, modular machine architectures. This also reduces maintenance costs and improves overall quality.

The web is subject to continuous change and progress, yet web technology itself has remained remarkably constant over time. HTML pages created 20 years ago are still displayed correctly in any of today's browsers. mapp View is built on the globally accepted web standards HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Unlike proprietary platforms like Flash or Silverlight, these standards are updated continually and remain usable for decades.

Open with OPC UA

mapp View is fully integrated in B&R's Automation Studio engineering environment. Controllers from other vendors can easily be incorporated in the HMI application via OPC UA. mapp View is the first web-based HMI solution in the world that doesn't require knowledge of web programming languages.

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