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Automation Panel 800


Flexible display units

Fully enclosed Automation Panel 800 display units provide maximum flexibility. Mounting on swing arm systems allows the operator panel to be placed at the most ergonomically convenient position – a decisive advantage for comfortable operation of the machine.


  • Components and Modules

Optimal user guidance

All Automation Panel 800 devices are equipped with a touch screen, which allows even complex processes to be handled intuitively. The Automation Panel 800 can also be outfitted with additional function keys that can be individually labeled using legend strips.

Flexible expansions

Automation Panel 800 devices can be expanded as needed. Adding keypad modules with function keys, illuminated ring key modules and an E-stop button makes the Automation Panel a building block system that can be adapted to any application.

Industrial design

The Automation Panel is extremely flat, allowing it to be mounted anywhere on the machine. The surface of the housing is coated with a very resistant paint.

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