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As the market continues to demand new and more complex edge profiles, the procedures for applying edge banding to sheets of wood are becoming more complex. Combining algorithms for flying saws with complex CNC control systems for cutting out-of-square edges is very common. The integration of motion control and CNC technology is therefore an enormous advantage, reducing development times and hardware costs while increasing productivity.

Additional advantages

  • Electronic gears
  • Flying saws
  • Custom profiles
  • Trigger functions

B&R has the perfect solution for...

100% integration of motion, CNC and robotics

With Generic Motion Control (GMC), B&R makes possible the complete integration of CNC, motion and robotics in a homogeneous environment. GMC allows complicated tasks to be solved elegantly and efficiently, making it easy to perfectly synchronize a conveyor belt and robot, for example. The CNC or robot program generates the path for virtual axes, which can then be coupled to other (virtual) axes or actual positions (e.g. from an encoder on the conveyor belt) and ultimately transferred to real axes. Productivity increases while the workload is reduced.

Safety first!

With the openSAFETY protocol as its foundation, B&R offers the most comprehensive integrated safety portfolio on the market. The fastest response time on the market, combined with SafeMOTION function blocks such as Safe Torque Off (STO), Safely Limited Speed (SLS), Safely Limited Position (SLP) and Safe Direction (SDI), makes possible the development of previously unimaginable machine concepts. The same applies to robotics applications. Here, SafeROBOTICS monitors the entire kinematic chain. Transferring openSAFETY data via POWERLINK allows the implementation of safety solutions up to SIL 3 (IEC EN 6206) or PL e category 4 (EN ISO 13849-1). The safety controller and remote safe I/O replace conventional hardwiring and increase flexibility during commissioning and operation.

Open and flexible architecture

B&R has been using open standards and communication protocols for a long time. B&R systems are open to standardized communication interfaces at the machine and ERP level. Previously engineered machine software can also be used with different hardware thanks to B&R's fully scalable product portfolio. The only things that need to be configured are the communication medium itself and the protocol. Dynamic I/O configurations allow the same software to be used for different hardware topologies. The result is a cost-effective and highly flexible solution.

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