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TM895 – APROL Solutions – Advanced Process Control

Improvements in process efficiency can very often be associated with an improvement in control quality. The degree of automation in processes is increasing. The operators thus have more process parameters available and in combination with Advanced Process Control methods (APC) leads to an improvement of the control quality.

Objectives and content

  • Basic terms for closed-loop control
  • Description, division of controlled systems
  • The PID controller, manual and automatic tuning procedures
  • Adaption, improvement PID tuning
  • Evaluation of the control quality ('Control Performance Monitoring')
  • Precontrol methods
  • Split range control
  • alternative control
  • cascade control
  • PID Gain Scheduling
  • Control of deadtime dominated systems (Smith Predictor)
  • Model-Based Predictive Control (MPC), functionality, tuning, commissioning, project configuration, application notes
  • Description
    Model number
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    TM895 – APROL Solutions – Advanced Process Control
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