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TM810 – APROL Backup Installation Recovery

The installation and configuration are the first steps for operating the APROL system. The installation includes the installation of Linux and the installation of APROL. Subsequently, the graphics version and the network configuration are installed in Linux. In addition, the installation of language packages, data backup and updating the control system are examined.

In principle, the complete route of data backup is taken through to the completion of commissioning this data backup, with a return of historical data.

Objectives and content

  • Data backups
  • System installation
  • Installing LINUX
  • Installing and configuring APROL
  • Graphics configuration in LINUX
  • Configuring the network in LINUX
  • Data Restore and implementation
  • Installing the language package
  • Updating the process control system
  • Description
    Model number
    (TM) book_blue_open
    TM810 – APROL Setup, Configuration and Recovery
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