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TM482 – Hydraulic Servo Pump Drives

Hydraulic servo pump drives change the pump speed directly to influence the movement of the hydraulic axis. ACOPOS and ACOPOSmulti represent the backbone of this technology at B&R and, among other things, allow high-precision and highly dynamic pressure control to be implemented in the synchronous axis group.

Objectives and content

  • Control concept of hydraulic servo pump drives
  • Components of this drive technology
  • The function blocks in B&R's MTHydPump hydraulics library
  • Typical control tasks like implementing alternating speed and pressure control tasks using simulation
  • Technology Solution HydraulicServoPumpControl
  • Commissioning guidelines
  • Name
    Model number
    (TM) book_blue_open
    TM482 – Hydraulic Servo Pump Drives
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