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Automation Studio training: Hydraulics [SEM480.3]

Hydraulics are often used together with electric drive systems. Power and precision are integrated into a process through the use of intelligent closed-loop control technology.

Objectives and content

  • Introduction to hydraulic drive control
  • Valve-based hydraulics and hydraulic servo pump drives
  • Configuring hydraulic drives with Automation Studio
  • Functionality of the B&R AsHydCon and AsDHC hydraulic libraries
  • Designing solutions for closed-loop control tasks using B&R function blocks and testing in simulation during the training course
  • Starting up closed-loop control systems on a machine used for training

Responsibilities include

  • You create and program machines with hydraulic drives.
  • You integrate valve-based hydraulic controllers in control systems.
  • You integrate hydraulic servo pump controllers in control systems.
  • You simulate control applications and then put them into operation.
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