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ETA210.0106-100 – Open- and closed-loop control plus HMI

In addition to open- and closed-loop control, an integrated HMI system is part of nearly every machine. This ETA system includes an X20 controller and a Power Panel. This configuration allows control tasks to be visualized on a display running in terminal mode or network communication to be established between the two devices. The square illuminated ring keys and the simulation panel provide hard-wired input and output for the control system. The Power Panel enables visualization of operations carried out by the controller. An RFID reader installed under the Power Panel in this ETA system enables user access management, which can be implemented on the HMI unit. This hardware configuration allows this ETA setup to handle all open- and closed-loop control tasks and visualize them as well.

Content of delivery and sample configurations

  • ETA210.0106-100_vorne
  • ETA210.0100-100 von links
  • ETA210.0106-100_PP
  • ETA210.0100-100_ANW_X20 Seite
  • ETA210.0106-100_ANW_PP Seite
  • ETA210.0106-100_ANW_PP500_v.r.
  • Areas of application and features:
  • State-of-the-art control technology
  • The X20 system offers many interfaces and CPUs with state-of-the-art processors.

  • Integrated I/O system
  • I/O modules are connected with the X20 CPU via the remote backplane and POWERLINK.

  • Integration of hardware buttons and switches
  • For training to be effective, it is helpful to be able to operate the system using buttons and switches and observe I/O states using visual indicators.

  • Integrated visualization
  • The process data from the control system can used directly in the HMI system to operate and monitor the automation solution. Various technologies, such as a VNC server, terminal mode or network communication, are simple to implement.

  • Visual Components in Windows
  • To directly integrate various documents and media in the HMI system, the Windows operating system can also be installed on the Power Panel along with the corresponding Visual Components runtime environment.

  • Closed loop control via temperature control system
  • The controlled system integrated in the simulation panel makes it possible to perform exercises using a realistic closed loop control system.

  • Access control system via RFID
  • The integrated RFID reader can be connected to the USB interface on the X20 controller or Power Panel.

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