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Guest speakers

Andritz Automation I Mr. Harrer I APROL process automation in pulp-and-paper mills I WS4: APROL Expert

Cognex I Mr. Ursan, Mr. Ruschka, Mr. Georgiev I WS3: Vision Expert

EPLAN I Mr. Berger, Mr. Pfaffeneder I WS9: ECAD Expert

EVON/DÜRR I Mr. Leitner I Application report: Pfänder tunnel

Intel® I Mr. Donitzky I Automation PC 910: Industrial PC featuring the latest Intel® technology

PMO Institute I Dr. Deubzer I WS6: Usability Lab

Pöttinger I Mr. Hofinger I Vibration measurement in disc mower conditioners I WS1: Vibration Expert

Rügenwalder Mühle I Mr. Kuhlmann I Field report: Energy monitoring and PDA I WS7: APROL Solutions

SICK | Mr. Maier, Mr. Aschauer | Intelligent IO-Link sensors

IdeTec/Siliconform | Mr. Kufner | Application report: Melk Transporter

TR Elektronik I Mr. Düllo I TR Elektronik as POWERLINK partner

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