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Newsletter 05/2020

Faster to a finished machine

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A digital twin provides a virtual representation of a machine throughout its entire development process. With it, design errors can be identified and corrected before the machine is built. Save time and costs with a simulated prototype.

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Get inside the adaptive machine

Smaller batch sizes, shorter product lifecycles and online shopping present the packaging industry with numerous new challenges. Mastering these challenges calls for an entirely new breed of manufacturing technology: the adaptive machine.

More than flexible

Detailed machine analysis with mapp Cockpit

mapp Cockpit is an easy-to-use tool for detailed machine analysis based on standard web technologies and OPC UA. Commissioning and diagnostics tailored perfectly to your needs.

Analytics at the push of a button

Easily implemented. Track systems in the field

Adaptable processing steps

When manufacturing equipment is being designed and developed, it is often unknown what specific product variants the operator will one day be producing with it. Just one more reason why flexibility is critical. Read on to learn how this was solved for a medical technology assembly line.

Flexible installation

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