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Full ISOBUS integration

B&R offers an ISOBUS stack for agricultural equipment, providing standardized communication between tractors and implements. ISOBUS is a CAN-based communication protocol that enables machines from different manufacturers to exchange data. As a member of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF), B&R offers an optimal solution for the industry with the new ISOBUS stack.

  • Highlights
  • Vendor-independent communication between agricultural machines
  • Simulation tools for efficient project development
  • Certified hardware

The ISOBUS stack from B&R covers all the relevant aspects of the ISOBUS standard. That includes Universal Terminal, Auxiliary Control, Task Controller (basic and geo-based), Task Controller Section Control and Basic Tractor ECU. The stack is being expanded with new functions all the time and tested for compatibility at ISOBUS plug fests. B&R offers comprehensive development support and a selection of training courses and seminars. Extensive simulation possibilities facilitate efficient and cost-effective project development.

Certified hardware

In addition to the software, the X90 control hardware also complies with the requirements of the ISOBUS standard. B&R has therefore had its system verified by the independent ISOBUS Test Center (ITC). The lab tests confirmed that the X90 controller is suitable for use as an ISOBUS task controller.

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