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Complex closed-loop control made accessible

B&R is now incorporating innovative closed-loop control technology into its mapp Technology software framework. All control functions – from a basic PID controller to a highly complex crane or hydraulics controller – are accessed via a uniform, easy-to-use interface. This makes creating applications substantially easier and faster.

  • Highlights
  • Easy access to complex control algorithms
  • Configuring instead of programming
  • Faster development

Complex control algorithms are essential to the execution of today's advanced machine processes. B&R's mapp Control components now make these algorithms available to developers who don't have highly specialized knowledge of control theory. Since each mapp Control component is precoded and thoroughly tested, the effort involved in development, commissioning and maintenance is reduced considerably.

A key element of mapp Control are the Solution Samples, which can be loaded directly in the B&R Automation Studio development environment. They can then be tested using Automation Studio's extensive simulation options, adapted as needed and then implemented in the application. Programming is reduced to a minimum.

mapp Temperature

mapp Temperature encapsulates innovative control algorithms in easy-to-use mapp components that allow high-performance temperature controllers to be implemented with minimal effort. Temperature processes can be operated closer to their physical limits to make machines more productive and efficient.

mapp Web Handling

mapp Web Handling encapsulates frequently used technologies such as winder, tension and register control in easy-to-use mapp components. mapp Web Handling makes it possible to move web materials through a machine with maximum productivity and minimum waste. Control loops optimized for printing, packaging and textile lines can be implemented with minimal programming.

mapp Control Tools

Advanced control algorithms play a decisive role in the added value that successful machines provide. The mapp Control Tools package groups these algorithms into the categories "Basic", "Advanced" and "Expert". These packages contain simple PID controllers, model predictive controllers, low-pass and Kalman filters, as well as ramp and spline profiles. They also allow users to run simulations directly in Automation Studio or integrate external simulation tools like MATLAB/Simulink or MapleSim to fine tune the control loops on their machinery and equipment.

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