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Many variations

Flexible display units with modular transfer technology for optimal machine visualization.

Display units
Display links

The Automation Panel was developed for industrial use. They are available in different designs from 10.4" to 19" with keys, touch screen and USB.


Display resolution




640 x 480



800 x 600



1024 x 768



1280 x 1024

For tough operating conditions

The neutral design fits in any environment. The fronts are made of high-quality aluminum and have IP65 protection against sprayed water.

Simple handling of complex procedures

Whether intuitive operator interface via touch screen, fixed function keys or a combination of both, the Automation Panel offers all input variations.

Function keys are labeled with individual legend strips and are supplemented with labeled soft keys on some variants. All keypad devices are also available with a touch screen, leaving all options open for the developer to create the perfect operator interface.

Control functions that are frequently needed are typically assigned to permanently labeled function keys, with all other input handled using the intuitive touch screen.

Function key legend strips are available for all of the different Automation Panel variants. CorelDRAW templates for labeling can also be downloaded from the website.

Maximum flexibility

All Automation Panels are equipped with a insert on the back that allows modular link modules to be connected. Each panel can be adapted to various transfer technologies to match the respective machine topology.

SDL receiver

SDL receiver

SDL stands for Smart Display Link. With SDL, all communication between the Automation Panel and Automation PC is handled using a single cable. In addition to transmitting display data, it also transfers touch screen, matrix key, LED, and service data. The Automation Panel can be mounted up to 40 m from the Automation PC. USB is also transferred over this distance and is fully integrated in the SDL technology. External modules are not needed for this purpose. A panel can be operated on a line using an SDL receiver.

SDL transceiver

SDL transceiver

The SDL transceiver makes it possible to connect another Automation Panel to the first Automation Panel. The second segment also provides an additional maximum distance of 40 m, though the maximum distance may be limited by the resolution. To achieve the maximum segment length, cables can be used together with an extender that acts as an amplifier and is integrated in the cable. Additional hardware is not required.

DVI receiver

DVI receiver

DVI stands for Digital Video Interface. DVI link is the first choice wherever compatibility with a standard is important. With a DVI connection, the Automation Panel can also be used universally with systems from other manufacturers. With this type of transfer, display data, USB 2.0 data, and touch screen data are sent separately over their own cable.

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