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Electro-hydraulic drive reduces energy consumption and noise


"The additional costs of the new drive technology are redeemed in a very short time. Even though we still offer all of the machines with conventional drive systems, deliveries are almost exclusively for the models with the hybrid drive technology from B&R and Dorninger Hytronics in all of the sizes in which Cool Drive® is already available."

Gert Kain, Maplan Authorized Representative

Maplan is a leading manufacturer of rubber injection molding machines. By changing to an electro-hydraulic solution from Dorninger Hytronics and B&R that is based on speed-controlled internal gear pumps with B&R ACOPOS drive technology, Maplan was able to reduce the power consumption for the hydraulic drive to a fifth of the previous value while decreasing the level of noise by 50%. The dry run time was also reduced between 10 to 15%, enabling a quick recovery of the initial costs.

Maplan is one of the three largest suppliers of rubber injection molding machines in the world. The company was searching for a system solution with well-known and proven performance data that is also compatible with their extremely modular machine concept.

Together with their hydraulics partner Dorninger Hytronics, B&R was able to offer a complete electro-hydraulic solution called Hybrid Drive Control, which is based on servo-controlled internal gear pumps. Here, an intelligent ACOPOS servo drive connected via POWERLINK with a higher-level APC620 industrial PC controls a fan-cooled, three-phase synchronous motor from the 8LS series. The highly dynamic closed loop pump control for hydraulic pressure and capacity is implemented on the ACOPOS drive in SPT code. Sleek X20 interface modules provide communication to the machine's 50 to 120 I/O points. Service personnel use a PC5000touch Automation Panel, which comprises a B&R AP900 with a 15" touch screen and custom keypad. Diagnostics can also be seamlessly integrated in the controller interface. With B&R drive technology, this reaches all the way to the motor itself.

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