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More and more mechanical axis couplings are being replaced by electronically linked axes. Everything from simple coupling gears to cam profile applications can be implemented using mapp technology components, which are based on PLCopen. High-performance drive control solutions from B&R ensure that coupled movement sequences are performed with the highest degree of precision.

Prerequisites and requirements


Model number

Seminar Automation Studio Training: Basics [SEM210.2]

Seminar Automation Studio Training: Integrated Motion Control [SEM410.3]

2 days


Objectives and content

  • Linear couplings with gear ratio
  • Dynamic phase shifting
  • Electronic cam profiles
  • Compensation mechanisms
  • Configuring and using Cam Profile Automats
  • Using mapp technology multi-axis functions

Your tasks include:

  • You manage multiple axes in automation projects.
  • You configure electronic axis couplings.
  • You start up electronic axis couplings and complete related diagnostic work.
  • You create sequence programs to control axis couplings in automation projects.

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