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Less wear, less noise

At WindEurope, B&R will present its solution for optimized azimuth control, along with hardware and software packages for smart ship applications.

B&R presents optimized yawing at WindEurope

Automation expert B&R will be presenting its ACOPOS P3 servo drive for optimized azimuth control at this year's WindEurope conference and exhibition, Booth 1A32. The solution reduces the amount of wear resulting from wind tracking, as well as the noise generated by the azimuth braking system.

Proven azimuth control

The first pilot turbine with improved azimuth control went online in September. Mechanical wear in the yaw system is reduced through intelligent torque control and backlash compensation. The azimuth brakes can also run free of wear, which ensures long-term quiet operation. Reduced wear allows yaw adjustments to be performed more frequently to maximize yield. With relatively little cost and effort, the ACOPOS P3 can help wind turbines achieve greater availability and make them more profitable.

Implementing Maritime 4.0

Visitors will also experience B&R's solutions for smart ships. These are based on B&R's business intelligence and IIoT solutions: Orange Box and APROL PDA. These combined hardware/software packages quickly process and display crucial data in ad hoc reports. Parameters can be switched out on the ship, and machines can be controlled holistically and predictively. The solutions allow for condition monitoring and long-term analysis.

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