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WS6: Usability Lab


Usability has always been a top priority for B&R, and its influence throughout every stage of a project – from conceptual development to the finished product – continues to grow. B&R has sought out highly qualified partners with whom it can work closely on this key topic. Those who attended last year's User Meeting may recall the "Usability Lab" run by Dr. Elke Deubzer (PMO Institute for Usability Engineering and Organizational Development). B&R will once again be taking advantage of this event to interview users about their work methods and operating strategies. Year after year, the results of these surveys have confirmed the incredible significance of usability.

In the Usability Lab workshop, Dr. Deubzer will guide participants on an excursion "into the depths of the human psyche". The goal is to apply scientifically established rules and principles to the design of graphical and navigation elements for HMI applications. Examples will then show how these theoretical guidelines can be applied in practice.




Dr. Deubzer, PMO Institute

B&R Team

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