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DE_Bühne frei für die Sicherheit

Dear Sir or Madam

Berlin's Friedrichsstadt-Palast is home to the most complex application ever built on the basis of openSAFETY and POWERLINK. 67 SafeLOGIC controllers ensure that the performers can safely rely on the 55 motorized platforms that transform the stage over the course of the show, at times even forming steps. Find out what is hidden behind the scenes. ​​​​

Happy reading!
Your B&R Team


Audit trails made easy

Applications in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 should be implemented quickly and without any investment risk. The new mapp audit component enables manufacturers of all types of machinery and equipment to review operator activity in order to determine whether a system has been used appropriately. Find out how you can verify what is happening on your machine.

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Industrial Ethernet now on Raspberry Pi2

POWERLINK is the first industrial Ethernet protocol to work on the new Raspberry Pi2. Raspberry Pi2 was introduced in the spring of 2015 and offers a new dimension of performance on this well-known platform. Let us show you how to implement POWERLINK on the Raspberry Pi2.

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How will you communicate in the future?

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