New possibilities with mapp View

Creating a powerful web-based HMI application is now easier than ever. The new features available in mapp View simplify and accelerate the entire development process. A new visual editor makes it easy to quickly program logic for the machine HMI.

Simply connect the different blocks and create logic with just a few clicks. In addition to being able to combine actions and events as needed, event-based programming allows domains to be managed as separate logical entities, keeping things as clear as possible. The event-based logic can even be debugged via the web-based interface, with all triggered actions and events clearly depicted across a timeline.

Custom keyboards

To further improve the user experience, new functions are also being introduced that allow you to define the keyboard layout and other basic input methods. In addition to the standard B&R keyboards, users can now configure their own custom keyboards. From input validation to layout and design, the keyboard can now be fully tailored to your requirements.

Dynamic widget sizing

The ability to have widgets resize dynamically is an essential requirement to ensure important data is always displayed clearly. mapp View is taking dynamic resizing to the next level with the introduction of the new FlexLayoutPanel widget and a new AutoSize function.

Displaying historical data

The new OnlineChartHDA widget displays historical values of process variables. This widget collects data from an OPC UA-HDA interface for display in advanced graphs. The data itself is sampled on the OPC UA server and transferred to the HMI application over the standard OPC UA-HDA interface. All settings, including the sampling time and buffer size, are configured on the server.

Once the data is collected by the widget and displayed in a clean graph, advanced controls make it possible to quickly and easily navigate and zoom through the data to get exactly the information you need. And it's not just useful for viewing historical information from mapp View; real-time process data is also displayed.

  • Highlights
  • Fast programming with machine visualization
  • Custom keyboard layouts
  • Dynamic widget sizing
  • Visualization of historical data

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