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Ultrafast automation – reACTION TECHNOLOGY

With reACTION technology, B&R is able to reduce response times in industrial automation applications down to 1 µs. This new approach allows extremely time-critical subprocesses to be managed using standard hardware – all within the requirements of IEC 61131 – while cutting costs by reducing the load on the controller and optimizing performance to match demands. The result is an immense increase in performance without added costs.

With reACTION technology, programs created in the function block editor are executed directly on I/O modules from the X20 and X67 series, eliminating internal data transmission and allowing response times to be reduced to as low as 1 µs. B&R takes advantage of the Automation Studio 4 development environment's ability to allocate software modules to distributed hardware and utilize the surplus capacity of logic components in the modules. This allows function block libraries to be stored there through the use of dynamic updates. These libraries can then be executed locally on the I/O module like the command set for a microcontroller, allowing time-critical subprocesses to be implemented using standard hardware and eliminating the need for specialized modules – all while greatly reducing the load on both network and controller.


  • 1 µs response time
  • Greatly reduced CPU load
  • IEC 61131 programming
  • Centralized program management
  • Integrated parameter management


Extensive function library

  • Access to digital and analog module signals
  • Data is exchanged with the central control program
  • Logical operations: AND, OR, XOR, NOT
  • Arithmetic operations: ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV
  • Mux, Demux, Shift, FlipFlop, Delay, PWM, Comparator, Counter
  • And many more.


Standard software development in Automation Studio


Easy simulation in standard PLC tasks


IEC 61131 FBD editor (FBD = Function Block Diagram)


Easy program assignments in the module configuration


Possible to switch program at runtime

Wide-ranging communication possibilities

Data exchange between reACTION I/O modules and the PLC using standard process variables

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