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Laser cutting

"Machine tools are the backbone of modern manufacturing.To meet smart factory requirements, they need state-of-theartsolutions for operation and communication. With B&R'sinnovative products and cutting-edge technology, you'll beequipped with the competitive advantage that makes all thedifference."

Tomas Prchal, Global Technology Manager, Metal and Robotics

Software development fast and easy

B&R‘s innovative mapp Technology allows machine tool manufacturers to develop their application softwarefaster – and test it faster too – with mapp components providing extensive options for simulation anddiagnostics.

The B&R system offers machine tool manufacturers an integrated, multi-channel system with controland CNC running on a shared processor. This allows the CNC system to read and write variableson the controller with exceptionally precise synchronization, as well as use them in standardand user-defined function blocks, making it easier to implement user-specific machine toolfunctions.

  • mapp technology for machine tools
  • Universal engineering tool for simulation, programming, testing and commissioning
  • Open for application-specific functions
mapp Komponenten

Scalable hardware and software platform

Every machine has unique demands with respect to automation hardware and software. To equip each variantwith an optimal solution, you need both cost-effective and high-performance options.

B&R offers a seamlessly coordinated product range that covers all performance classes. Customers canchoose from a wide range of industrial PCs, operator panels and controllers. B&R drives can be perfectlydimensioned to meet the needs of a given application.

  • The right hardware platform for every application
  • Cost-effective, high-performance solutions
  • Hardware-independent software development
Scalable Hardware

HMI 4.0

B&R‘s fully customizable HMI solutions make even the most complex machine tools efficient to operate. Both the display and operatingelements can be tailored to create a custom solution that accentuates the unique qualities of your machine tool and helps build yourbrand.

With B&R‘s mapp View HMI solution, you can give your machine tool a state-of-the-art web-based user interface even without specialweb design training. HMI pages can be viewed on a variety of devices, even providing user-specific content on each device.

Human-machine-interfaces 40

Free selection of CNC syntax

B&R systems grant you maximum freedom in the selectionof CNC syntax. From standardized DIN 66025 G-code to userspecificcommands, the possibilities for implementing asolution perfectly tailored to the needs of your machine toolare virtually infinite.

  • Standardized DIN 66025 G-codes allow easy integration ofCAD/CAM systems
  • Free selection of syntax
  • Can even be used for existing third-party programs

OPC UA for seamless connectivity

Vertical and horizontal connectivity is a core component ofthe Industry 4.0 concept. OPC UA simplifies line integration andconnects production management systems (SCADA, MES and ERP)to your machine tools.

B&R has tightly integrated OPC UA into its automation products.Any B&R controller can be operated as an OPC UA server or client.B&R is also continually implementing new PLCopen functionblocks for OPC UA.

    OPC UA Vector

Robots as machine components

B&R offers the most advanced form of robotics integration – with robots seamlessly incorporated in the machine's control logic.

Whether it‘s a pressbrake, transfer machine or machining center, machines and robots sharethe same processor and the same memory. Robot and machine are fullysynchronized with a jitter of less than one microsecond. The common DC busfor machine and robot drives enables maximum energy efficiency.

  • Maximum productivity through synchronization of robot and machine tool
  • Common DC bus for energy efficiency
  • Web-based diagnostics and remote maintenance

Handling and robotics

Roboter als Maschinenkomponente

Integrated safety technology

B&R's integrated safety technology makes it possible to design truly modular machinery and equipment.With POWERLINK, safety-related and standard machine modules can be combined in a single network.

B&R offers a complete PLCopen-compliant library of safety functions for mechanical, electrical andhydraulic press applications.

B&R's integrated safety technology complies with the applicable industrial safety standards: IEC 61508,IEC 62061 and ISO 13849.

  • I ncreased machine modularity
  • One safety application for many machine options
  • Streamlined mechanics and reduced machine footprint
PLCopen safety

Predictive maintenance with APROL ConMon

By combining centralized acquisition of operating and process data with integrated conditionmonitoring, APROL offers the advantages of condition-based maintenance with minimal effort.

  • Prevent secondary damage through timely detection of primary damage
  • Increase machine uptime
  • Avoid unnecessary repair and replacement

APROL Solutions




"ACOPOS functions blocks and POWERLINK cross-communication have been keyto the performance of our new controller. These mechanisms allow the B&Rdrives to execute control functions remotely and to communicate directlywith one another without going through the controller." Roland Regler, Chief Designer, Kadia


"We selected B&R as our supplier because of its products' performance, the global presence, the ability to support and service our customers with parts, service and technical information, as well as the potential for a true partnership where we could essentially co-develop technology." Tim Fabian, Director of Customer Care, FLOW

"Connectivity is the lifeblood of advanced manufacturing", says Mathias BIhler, managing partner at Otto BIhler Maschinenfabrik. Evolving market requirements demand increasingly flexible manufacturing systems. Mathias Bihler and Markus Sandhöfner (General Manager, B&R Germany) explain how collaboration between OEMs and their automation suppliers can get machine tools up to speed for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Click here for the interview.

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