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Energy efficiency and an optimal price/performance ratio


"Our goal was to use the absolute latest technology for the e-max and ensure our customers' security for the future. The level of maturity of the B&R technology we use is proven by the very few problems that occurred before the machine was introduced onto the market. In addition, it was important for us to cooperate with a partner that also does business worldwide so that our customers on all continents can expect local support directly from the supplier of the components. We also cooperate closely with B&R in the USA and in Korea."

Wolfgang Steinkellner, Engel Austria GmbH

Engel Austria GmbH, the leading international manufacturer of plastic injection molding machines with hydraulic drives, has recently developed the "e-max" series, which relies solely on electric drive technology. With fully integrated control and drive technology from B&R, they meet the demands for electric drives in plastic injection molding machines by providing a compact, energy-efficient, precise and secure system. They have proven themselves on a market that is hotly contested by European and Japanese suppliers.

Even though hydraulic technology provides optimal functionality, the demand for an electric alternative was unmistakable. Lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance requirements and cleanliness were the reasons for developing the e-max series. This results in a substantially better price/performance ratio for users and reduced costs for ensuring quality because of the increased precision and process stability exhibited by electric drives.

B&R made it possible for Engel to meet their performance requirements. The integrated electrical equipment requires much less space. The modular ACOPOSmulti drive system controls the high-power motors, which considerably reduces the power consumption of the machine. Connecting the intelligent power supply modules with the CPU via POWERLINK saves space and reduces wiring. The heart of the control system is a swing-arm-mounted B&R Power Panel 400 that controls the five positioning axes and runs the visualization application. The system was developed so that users can operate the e-max machines right away, with virtually no training.

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