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The Automation Academy provides targeted training courses for our customers as well as our own employees.

At the Automation Academy, you'll develop the skills you need in no time flat!

Our seminars make it possible for you to improve your knowledge in the field of automation engineering.

Once completed, you will be in a position to implement efficient automation solutions using B&R technology. This will make it possible for you to secure a decisive competitive edge by allowing you and your company to react faster to constantly changing market demands.

Our responsibilities

The Automation Academy is responsible for all continued training and advanced training courses at B&R.

  • Our responsibilities include:
  • Organizing and providing standard and customer-specific seminars
  • Continued training and advanced training for our production employees and technicians
  • Cooperation and collaboration with schools, technical colleges, universities and training centers
  • Seminar structure and organization
  • Providing comprehensive education to our trainers

We are dedicated to your success.

B&R offers both standard and customer-specific seminars at all of our locations worldwide. You receive: Documentation, meals and an Automation Degree.

Additional information concerning scheduling and locations can be found on our website.

Customer-specific training courses are best planned together with your B&R sales representative.

Are you looking for an advanced training course tailored exactly to your situation?

Quality and relevance are essential components of our seminars. The pace of a specific seminar is based strictly on the experience that course participants bring with them and is tailored to their requirements. A combination of group work and self-study provides the high level of flexibility needed to maximize the learning experience.

Each seminar is taught by one of our highly skilled and experienced trainers.

Our training modules provide the basis for learning both at seminars as well as for self-study. These compact modules rely on a consistent didactic concept. Their bottom-up structure allows complex, interrelated topics to be learned efficiently and effectively. They serve as the best possible companion to our extensive help system. The training modules are available as downloads and can be ordered as printed versions.

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