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Versatile panel technology for easy maintenance

AP 1000
The modular platform of the Automation Panel 1000 results in a unique portfolio with extraordinary flexibility.

B&R presents the Automation Panel 1000

B&R is expanding its Automation Panel family with a new series of widescreen formats from 7" WVGA to 24" Full HD. Automation Panel 1000 devices offer easy and flexible mounting options.  The slender design is available with a single-touch or multi-touch screen. Adding a PC unit turns an Automation Panel into a full-fledged Panel PC with scalable processing power.

Flexible use with all product series

The core component is the panel itself, which is available in widescreen variants ranging from 7" WVGA to 24" Full HD. Adding a modular SDL/DVI receiver makes it an operator terminal. When using SDL3 digital signal transmission technology, it is even possible to bridge up to 100 meters between terminal and PC. Standard Ethernet cables are used. Panel PCs offer scalable computing power from Intel Atom up to Core i7.

Easy maintenance

The modular platform – consisting of panel, SDL/SDL3 receiver and PC unit delivers a considerable reduction in maintenance costs. In the event of an upgrade, there is no need to replace the entire Panel PC. With a uniform interface, B&R has established a flexible system platform for future PC architectures. Since the display and PC components are separate, it is possible to upgrade the PC technology and keep the display unit.

AP 1000
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