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MA170 – New control and I/O concept

A modular system architecture for mobile automation

With their MA170 modular control and I/O systems, B&R is continuing to set new standards in mobile automation. For the first time, achievements made in the field of industrial automation have made their way into commercial equipment. The modular approach that industrial automation users have already come to know and appreciate makes it possible for manufacturers of special-purpose vehicles such as excavators and firetrucks to tailor control and I/O systems to their individual requirements. And because these MA170 devices are fully integrated into the B&R product range, they can receive all of the benefits of integrated safety solutions such as B&R's Integrated Safety Technology.

High flexibility for customized needs

Customers can put together modules as their requirements demand. This doesn't just mean the number of I/O channels or the CPU to be used; engineers can also choose between the CAN bus and Ethernet POWERLINK communication protocols. All of the programming is handled in the advanced Automation Studio software development environment, which all but guarantees the elimination of interface problems between hardware and software components.

MA170 devices have been specially developed for use in harsh conditions. An IP65 housing and coated circuit board allow these modules to withstand extreme temperatures from -40°C to +85°C without difficulties. Depending on customer requirements, the devices come equipped with up to either IP65 or IP67 protection, thereby ruling out short circuits caused by condensation. These new B&R modules are also shock and vibration resistant.

Each MA170 device allows 44 I/O channels to be set up as needed – if more channels are required, it's just a question of adding more modules. A wide range of interface modules – for handling remote maintenance, for example – allow devices to be flexibly adapted to the situation at hand. These devices can also be swapped out at a later time.

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