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Multizone tension control

Tension control is always required if production machines use continuous web. Regardless of whether the web is made of steel, plastic, paper, textiles or wire, the tension on the material should be kept as constant as possible. This allows high line speeds to be achieved with the highest level of productivity and minimal waste.

Machines with web running through multiple draw rollers with impression cylinders in individual zones are particularly challenging. Digital printing machines are a classic example.

The main challenge for controlling these applications lies in the tensions affecting one another in the individual zones. Closed loop control must account for this effect. Only then is it possible to guarantee the best possible performance and product quality in all operating phases on the machine.

Ready-to-use technology package

B&R offers a technology package for these types of machines. An Automation Studio software library with control blocks, a sample implementation, a simulation model for a production line with 5 zones and an appropriate visualization application are part of this solution. This package is fully functional and can be quickly and easily adapted to your individual requirements.


  • Multizone tension control for continuous web machines
  • Automatic adaptation of control parameters
  • Acceleration compensation
  • Integrated simulation model of a digital printing machine

In production machines with continuous webs, tension control is especially challenging. Automation Studio offers an extensive technology package consisting of a software library, a sample implementation, a simulation model and a visualization application. The package is fully functional and can be adapted as needed.

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