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Ultrafast control and ultra-scalable automation architecture

B&R unveils new solutions at ARC's Twelfth India Forum

At ARC's Twelfth India Forum, held in Bangalore, India, B&R presented its vision of ultrafast control performance with an open and flexible hardware and software architecture – and two solutions aimed at turning that vision into a reality: Scalability+ and reACTION technology.

"Scalability+ offers unique benefits to users looking to build future-proof machines and plants with low initial investment and limitless freedom to upgrade without losing compatibility," explained B&R India's packaging expert Dinesh Mungi. "With B&R's reACTION technology integrated directly in the I/O modules, unprecedented 1 µs response times open up exciting new application possibilities while allowing users to reduce overall hardware costs by scaling down to mid-range controllers."

Together with other B&R innovations such as redundant solutions based on standard PLCs, these solutions were well received by the more than 250 participants, who included key decision makers and leaders from the discrete manufacturing and process industries as well as suppliers of automation systems, enterprise solutions and manufacturing IT solutions. The two-day event provided an excellent networking platform as well as many opportunities for sharing experiences and insights on best practices, strategies and technologies.

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