Automation and Industrial IoT solutions for heavy off-higway vehicles

Automotive industry, especially the passenger car segments have seen a paradigm shift from the perspective of technology deployment. Telematics, in-vehicular entertainment, enhanced safety, connected cars, autonomous cars are some of the advancements already evident in passenger car segment.

These technology advancements are making way into the off-highway and mobile machinery segment comprising of agriculture, mining, construction, infrastructure equipment in their vehicles such as enhanced controls and safety, fleet management, telematics, connected fleets, connectivity solutions, easier maintenance and diagnostics, virtualization amongst many other next generation technologies.

Benefits of Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT is a broad term with numerous available technologies such as scalable, flexible systems and assets, web based intuitive GUIs, advanced and simplified diagnostics, remote access and advanced maintenance practices, vertical and horizontally connected vehicles, telematics, fleet management amongst many more.

Industrial Internet of Things plays a key role in boosting productivity, improving preventive maintenance, minimizing downtime, and reducing repair costs. Sensors integrated with the mobile equipment helps to detect and send alerts related to the status of the system and parts of equipment. Time management is important in any project. Any delays, disruption or downtime on any site deploying off-highway equipment can cost dearly. Heavy equipment such as excavators, loaders, scrapers, forklift, cranes, mining, bulldozers, tractors and implements play an important role.

One major factor that has been identified as reasons for delay in most projects is unplanned downtime and breakdown of such equipment. With the help of sensors mounted on such vehicles, one can monitor key maintenance issues such as excessive vibrations, temperature fluctuations, unnecessary noise, need of lubrication, greasing etc. and provides operators and fleet owners invaluable data to act upon. On detection of abnormal patterns, maintenance engineers can take proactive steps before critical equipment fails. By implementing predictive maintenance, owners not only save time and money but can also prevent unnecessary and unplanned delays in construction projects.

Off-highway equipment OEMs consistently focus on incorporating innovations and technology advancements in their vehicles to keep pace with competition.

Automation solution for heavy equipment

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe loaders are very commonly used in construction, small demolitions, transportation of building materials, digging holes and excavation, landscaping, breaking asphalt, paving roads and many other applications.

Requirements of construction and mining sectors can be efficiently met by automating and digitizing such equipment. Moreover, advanced automation of loaders needs desired level of safety along with achieving higher productivity. 

Self Loading Mixer

Self-Mixing Loaders are used in various construction applications, where concrete batching plants are not an option. This equipment is also used in construction of piling, foundations and ground consolidations and by railway and road constructions.

With the help of advanced technology, the equipment can operate all the steps involved in making concrete mixture automatically such as self-loading aggregates, weighing batches, mixing, transporting and placing final concrete on site as per requirement. This helps to increase quality of concrete because of reliable weighing and batching system at the same time reducing operating cost and wastage.

Sensor Paver

A Sensor Paver is one of the road construction equipment used to lay hot asphalt mixture on roads. It is also known as Asphalt sensor paver. Sensor paver operates automatically according to the slope and grade of road and material respectively. In order to work perfectly, Sensor Paver should run at constant speed because uneven speed can increase or decrease the thickness of road layer which could hamper the quality of road.

Sensor pavers are advanced pavers with intelligent monitoring systems. Mechanical pavers usually follow undulations of the road base and hence are unable to deliver smooth flat finish to the paved surface. However, sensor pavers have intelligent operating technology which helps the equipment deliver mat thickness, level of the mat, and the required grade.

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are commonly used in huge construction projects or in pick and carry applications in industry and ports. These cranes are used to raise and lower objects, as well as to move them horizontally. It is important to ensure safe and efficient lifting of loads. At the same time a crane's motion planning is also important in order to avoid swing.

Use of advanced technologies offer higher level of flexibility, movability and control. It increases productivity, enhances safety, improves working conditions and offers higher comfort in industrial lifting and moving operations.


Forklift is a kind of industrial truck used for loading and unloading trucks, transportation, stacking and picking over short distances. They are usually used in indoor applications such as warehouses and distribution centers.

Automated forklifts ensure improved productivity, reduced product damage, reduced facility damage, improved efficiency, safety and flexibility. The integrated software in the forklift accurately tracks the movement of all material in the supply chain and improves material accountability.

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