After a machine is delivered, it is maintained by the machine manufacturer or the end user. Various factors can cause errors and machine downtime. Further diagnostic options can be needed this requires some basic knowledge of B&R PLC programming. The diagnostic options available in the control environment or on the B&R controller can be used to a gain a quick overview of the situation. Our software Automation Studio permits to create and modify project (programs, visualization and motion) to set up options. The B&R website, the Online Help, and the user's manuals also provide valuable information.




Training: Diagnose und Service bei Maschinen [SEM920.2]

3 Tage


Lernziele und Inhalte

  • B&R philosophy and products
  • Working with Automation Studio
  • Configuring, programing, and setting up with Automation Studio
  • PLC's internal organizational principles
  • Test and validation of digital I/Os and internal variables
  • Analysis and modification of an application: PLC and HMI
  • Basics of programing language (Ladder and Structured Text)
  • Discovery of the motion test interface
  • Backing up and downloading of a PLC program

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