Once a machine has been delivered, it must be maintained by the machine manufacturer or end user. Various factors can cause errors and machine downtime. The diagnostic options available in the control environment or on the B&R control system can be used to keep a machine running smoothly. The valuable information on the B&R website and in the user's manuals is demonstrated with hands on examples. Automation Studio provides a range of integrated diagnostics tools as well as an extensive help documentation. This allows enhanced diagnosis of the entire B&R control system.



Model number

There is no technical education presumed

3 days


Learning objectives and content

  • Includes all objectives and content from: Diagnostics and service for machines [SEM920.2A]
  • Automation Studio workspace and help documentation
  • Open/Create a project and online connection
  • Record system information
  • Configuration and runtime behavior
  • Monitor and analyze process values
  • Diagnostics tools for ACP10 drive technology

Your responsibilities include

  • Includes all responsibilities from: Diagnostics and service for machines [SEM920.2A]
  • Participants will complete diagnostics in Automation Studio with hands-on program examples.
  • Participants will monitor and trace the values of process variables.
  • Participants will force IO channels.
  • Participants will perform basic axis operations using ACP10.

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