SERVOsoft is a perfect sizing tool to support engineers by setting up and optimizing their applications.



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Basics knowledges in: mechanics, electrical engineering, axis control and positioning

Remote Lecture: Automation Studio basics [SRL210.4]

Remote Lecture: Integrated motion control - mapp Axis [SRL415.5]

5 sessions of 3h each

One session per day


Learning objectives and content

  • General information on parameters and criteria for a dimensioning
  • Overview of the B&R motion products and how to get information about them
  • Introduction and first steps on SERVOsoft
  • Methodology for a sizing in SERVOsoft
  • Details on the selection of the appropriate components (gearboxes, motors, drives, power supplies)
  • Sizing exercises for various rotary and linear mechanics based on practical cases
  • Design and optimization of a 6-axis machine es

Responsibilities include

  • You will model kinematics in SERVOsoft.
  • You will add machine cycles in SERVOsoft.
  • You will select components (gearboxes, motors, drives, power supplies) corresponding to the application’s needs.
  • You will design and optimize various rotary and linear solutions in terms of energy and cost
  • You will size a 6-axis machine by yourself

Documents provided

All necessary files will be shared in a digital format

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