This seminar introduces higher level programming skills than those demonstrated in SEM210.4A so participants may gain experience working more complex programs. A solid understanding of Automation Studio is required to be able to maximize learning in this course. Structured text is the programming language used, but no previous text-based programming experience is required.



Course Number

Automation Studio 4 or higher installed on the user’s laptop

Completion of Automation Studio Training: Accelerated Basics [SEM210.4A]

Proficiency in a high-level text-based programming language

2.5 days



  • Basic information about software development methods
  • Designing and programming state machines
  • Coding guidelines and software documentation
  • Variables, constants and character strings
  • Derived data types: Arrays, structures, subranges, enumeration
  • Initializing, copying and comparing memory
  • Creating user libraries
  • Calling and evaluating the status of function blocks
  • The basics of data processing
  • Storing and managing data
  • Advances cycle time optimization
  • Transferring data and managing communication
  • OPC UA server and the user role system

Responsibilities include

  • You create programs with process control.
  • You develop variable structures.
  • You utilize pre-made and self-created functions.
  • You read/write data to internal and external storage devices.
  • You enable data communication with B&R and 3rd party devices.

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