Automation Studio Training: Integrated safety technology with mapp Safety [SEM515.1]

Integrated safety technology offers considerable advantages over hard-wired safety technology. The main focus is to make the safety technology in the machine expandable and easy to maintain. Integrated safety technology offers the following benefits: See Product page for integrated safety technology

B&R safety technology is now fully integrated into mapp Technology. mapp Safety makes it easier than ever to create, maintain and troubleshoot safety applications. In addition, mapp Safety automatically communicates with other mapp components, such as the user role and audit systems.



model number

Seminar Automation Studio training: Basics [SEM210.2]

2 days


Content and objectives

  • Introduction to "Smart Safe Reaction"
  • mapp Safety concept
  • Configuring the safety application in Automation Studio
  • Programming simple safety applications in SafeDESIGNER
  • Integrating the safety application into the functional application
  • Commissioning and testing a safety application
  • Service and diagnostics of safety applications

Responsibilities include

  • You configure safety applications.
  • You program simple safety applications.
  • You commission and test safety applications.
  • You maintain safety applications.

Documents provided

Integrated safety technology - System overview

Brochure - Integrated safety

TM515 - Programmierung und Inbetriebnahme von Sicherheitsapplikationen mit mapp Safety

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