Automation Studio is used to configure and program all B&R control components. Core issues include getting a clear overview of all product groups, initial commissioning of a controller, understanding the functions of the runtime environment and knowing the options for integrated configuration and diagnostics.



Course Number

Automation Studio 4 or higher installed on the user’s laptop

Experience in manual configuration of IP address in Microsoft Windows

4 Days



  • Use the programming tool Automation Studio and its help system.
  • Configure hardware functions and set up CPU simulation.
  • Configure the target’s network options and use Target Browser to find the target.
  • Create, compile, and transfer project to target.
  • Ladder Diagram will be the language of choice for the basic courses, but the instructor can provide guidance for using Structured Text or ANSI C.
  • Manage variable declaration and data retention.
  • Use standard functions (e.g. compare and compute) and function blocks (e.g. timers and counters) in Ladder Diagram.
  • Store project source files on the target.
  • Utilize common Automation Runtime features, such as cycle time adjustment.
  • Use System Diagnostics Manager, Runtime Utility Center, and Automation Studio to troubleshoot hardware issues and diagnose software bugs.
  • Integrate mapp functionality into your application.

Responsibilities include

  • You create projects and configure controller components.
  • You create programs for automation applications.
  • You simulate processes and then start them up.
  • You perform diagnostics on controller components and programs.

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