Software technology in Automation Studio from the user's point of view is largely shaped by libraries. As a result, the terms “technology” and “libraries” are significantly interrelated and sometimes used synonymously.

How these libraries are designed will therefore influence the user's experience when interacting with these products and ultimately justifies the need for shared guidelines.

Guidelines create standards and also help to maintain quality in time-critical situations.

Learning objectives and content

The objective of these guidelines is to optimize the quality of the user experience by ensuring the following:

  • Uniform appearance in Automation Studio
  • Common and user-friendly operating concept
  • Standardized interfaces

In addition, software quality should also be improved through the use of:

  • A library template with testing environment in accordance with these guidelines
  • Defined function block behavior
  • Specifications that promote the reusability of code


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TM232 – B&R Library Design Guidelines

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